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"Mukluk slippers" - pattern by Diane Soucy on Ravelry, HERE.

Saturday, 19 November 2016


You knew I wouldn't be able to resist having a play with the new yarn, didn't you? :)

There seems to be two main colour schemes, so far.  The grey/white/camel combination....

And the dark blue/light/blue/green combination....

(with odd bits of camel thrown in!)

I laid them out randomly...

Then I laid them out in rows according to colour scheme...


Then in a kind of gradient...

I'm not joining them as I go, because I'm not sure whether to have them as a random all over pattern, or in a gradient from dark to light.

I'm having fun already, trying to imagine it as a blanket. :)  

How would you arrange the finished squares, random or gradient?

Inspiration and pattern HERE.

Ta-ta for now! xxx


  1. Hi, thanks for your kind comment over at mine. Love your new yarn and those slippers in your header photo.
    I'm sorry you can't walk so far these days.
    Jacquie xxx

  2. Hi Jacquie, thanks for popping over! Oh, it's not so bad, I'm grateful for the walks that I can manage. :) xxx


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